Our poultry is kept outside and only housed at night. We keep chickens for egg production the whole year round. Ducks and geese are also kept from the late spring and are ready for customers during the autumn.

The poultry can freely roam and explore the natural surroundings. The natural diet consists of vegetation and grains. The birds have shade from the trees and water from the stream. The chickens can naturally dust themselves.

This environment gives the meat and eggs a unique taste. No antibiotics or physical alterations are carried out on the birds and no genetically modified food is used.

The eggs are collected on a daily basis. The ducks and geese are plucked and prepared on the farm.

Farma Hrzín - Christopher Robertson



Vyhledávané řeznictví ROBERTSON najdete v Dolních Břežanech. Produkty můžete podle sezónní dostupnosti zakoupit také v e-shopu www.robertson.cz, nebo po domluvě přímo na farmě.

O farmě

o farmě

Zdravý volný chov ovcí, skotu, slepic, kachen a hus na farmě s plochou cca 30 ha, vše bez chemie. Maso a vejce z čisté přírody Podblanicka si můžete objednat přímo z farmy nebo zakoupit v řeznictví Robertson v Dolních Břežanech.



Christopher Robertson - Farma Hrzín

Hrzín 18, 257 03 Jankov, ČR

tel.: 317 711 252, mob.: 777 028 254
e-mail: farmahrzin@gmail.com